Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Scott Rogers <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 2008 - 00:16:55 EDT

Name: Scott Rogers
Age: 35
Occupation: English Professor
Location: Utah
Newton Collection: Newton 2100

My Story:

I got my first Newton around 2000 or so, after trying the first couple
of Palms, followed by an iPaq, followed by another Palm, followed by
nothing. I picked up another Newton last year after my wife pointed
out to me that my quest for the perfect gadget is stupid and that what
I need to do is go for the perfect gadgetS. So now I have an iPaq
that doesn't work, a Palm T5 that doesn't work, a Nokia n800 that is
about to replace my laptop, and a Newton 2100 that works like a top.


Not so much, since I got my m800. I abandoned gadgets a while back
for calendars (I use a paper calendar); I don't keep an address book
much at all (they're usually just in my mobile). HOWEVER...I have
realized that my Newt is very handy for commenting on student papers.
A while back, I started typing up my comments on papers as I read
them. But now I use the Newt. I keep the paper on the left, the Newt
on the right. I export the Works doc via BT to my n800 or my Mac and
then print.

I also use it to keep lists that I don't want to lose (music I hear on
Pandora that I want to buy, etc).

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