Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Larry Zasitko <>
Date: Sun Aug 10 2008 - 22:41:58 EDT

Name: Larry Zasitko
Age: 55
Occupation: Self employed Architectural Designer (Houses, Healthcare
Location: Regina, SK Canada
Newton Collection: OMP, 110, 120, 130, 2100, eMate

My Story:
Quite simple really, I am a technology junkie or at least according
to the wife :-)
I bought a OMP new when they were first released on the public and
have been a fan since then. I used it for everything I could and
worked well. I more or less print so the HWR was never an issue with
me it never had trouble figuring it out.
I bought a 2100 when they were released and they had a package deal
with a 130 included so how could I resist :-) Just before I bought
the 2100 I had a toshiba portable that packed it in so I was looking
for something and the 2100 fit the bill. Did not buy another portable
until I bought my PowerBook. The 2100 did everything I needed so....
Found the 110 at a place called Value Village and bought it for
$10.00. The 120 came from a garage sale for I think $5.00 if I recall
eMate was bought off ebay for $30.00 and it include the memory upgrade.
I have tried other PDA's including Palm, Psion and HP Jornada but in
the end I always go back to the 2100
Most of the Newtons are used by various family members but the 2100
is mine and only mine :-)

I still use it for contact info, project management / scheduling,
notes, photos etc and don't think I will change. The 2100 is a nice
size, maybe a bit larger than I would like but the screen is a good
size compared to the anything else out there. I have a Newton
keyboard for typing and various cases

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