Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Graham Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 2008 - 11:28:54 EDT

Name: Graham Metcalfe
Age: 49
Occupation: Senior Art Director, Murphy & Co. (interactive marketing agency)
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Newton Collection: OMP upgraded to 110, 120, 130, 2000 upgraded to 2100. Various sized flash cards, 120 charging base, wall warts, original newton cases for the 100 and 120, Newton keyboard, battery extender, modem and original Newton Briefcase.

My Story:
Started using the upgraded 100 when I was an Art Director at Apple. Really loved the form factor, ability to add notes and having everything linked together.

Saw my first 120 when doing a consulting job a couple of years later but didn't buy one until years after that. Got my first 120 on ebay and used it extensively, then got a 130 for the backlight. Within about a week after getting the 130, I bought the upgraded 2000, which I used every day on my job as and Art Director and Information Architect. Used it to write a 10 page whitepaper on Website Topology while waiting for an all day car repair, using Works and the handwriting plugin.

I traveled a lot on business and it was always great to pull out the Newton at the start of the meeting so I could take notes. The technology always blew everyone away and it was a great ice breaker.

How I use my Newton:
I don't travel on business much anymore (thankfully) and usually just take my MacBook now. One of my sons is using my 120 to take notes and generally mess with. I haven't taken the 100 out in years but I hang onto it anyway. The 130 will be used by my other son and I use the 2100 in my music studio now just to help keep track or information, tracking, favorite patches, cabling, etc.


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