[NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: RedJazz <redjazz_slo_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 08:16:02 EDT

Hi. This thread is about we, users of Newtons, to tell each other how we use our Newtons, and maybe give each other some interesting ideas. I know a similar thread was on the Newted Community Forums, but since the server is down, I decided to revive the thread. Besides, most things on the NCF were outdated anyway.

So, I shall start.

NAME: M. Horvat
AGE: 13
OCCUPATION: Primary school student at 8th grade (according to our school system)
LOCATION: Slovenia
NEWTON COLLECTION: MP120 w/1.3, eMate 300 (co-owner)

In summer last year I was browsing the web and suddenly read about the Newton. I became amused (not only because it was more than 10 years old and it was Apple, but in general) and searched on eBay for one. And I got it for $41. It came with the original stylus and power adapter, and it had the full version of Notion 1.2 from 1994 installed on it. In October I bought a PCMCIA modem (that I found out to be not compatible with OS 1.3, so I later bought a cigarette pack modem and used the PCMCIA modem for the eMate), 20MB storage card and PC cable. (Later also a Print Pack.) And so I became using it for school and my personal life. It was difficult to make the teachers allow the Newton for taking notes and stuff, but what the heck, I used it and as time passed there was no trouble. However, my (somewhat dumb and awkward) classmates became interested in it, as well as everyone around the school (400 people in total). So, my Newton has got a 1000 scratches on
 the screen. I'll never forgive those idiots. (I leave THEIR fancy gadgets alone, so why can't they leave mine?)

Currently my Newton stores my notes, letters, ideas, sketches, reference info, contacts, to-do's, Notion lists for tracking various things, and such. I also use it with a Newton Keyboard (with a 3rd party driver for OS 1.x. On the huge 20MB card (that I can't use for its full potential because of the 30 icon limit and because there are not so many great apps for 1.x) I have NS BASIC (demo, but I hope to get the full version), Digital Gourmet, Dell Crossword Puzzles, Newtris, and Paddle. Occasionally I also install a book on it. As a communications device, well, I can't really use it for its intended purpose, because, !@#$%&, nobody has written such software to use OS 1.x with modern mail systems. Anyway, I use my Newton daily.

So, how do YOU use your Newton?


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