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Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 20:06:30 EDT

NAME: Gary Dunn
AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: System Admin, prof. geek.
LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawaii
NEWTON COLLECTION: MP110, 2xMP2100, eMate 300, Keyboard, HP DeskJet 340
printer w/ IrDA


I began with a Message Pad 110, probably in 1994. I also bought a Printer
Adaptor so I could print to an HP LaserJet, and a copy of Notion, which I
used extensively. Total outlay about $1,000. The impetus was to do better
at keeping appointments and getting things done, with the main benefactor
being my wife. I soon discovered that it was good at work, too. I do PC
support, including networking, server administration, and web design.

When the newer models came out I was sorely tempted, but having spent so
much on my 110 I could not justify the extra expense, not when I was
satisfied with what I had. I finally re-entered the fray when the top cover
hinge on my MP 110 broke, and was astounded that I could pick up an
excellent MP2100 for much less than I paid for my MP110. When my MP2100
started giving me grief (jaggies) I picked up another, and an eMate, which
my cat peed on. (Still working on that. She's all better now.) I still use
my MP2100 constantly, at home and at work. I even write my blog entries on
it and upload with nBlog.

I was using my MP for mail, but the loss of Newted brought that to a halt.
Lately I have been pestering my ISP to reorganize my account, with the goal
being to be able to receive mail again.

I always enjoyed writing on my Newton. Fiction, mostly. The addition of a
keyboard to my MP2100 really made that sweet. I love to hole up at a
Starbucks and let my mind run amok, without worrying about battery life or
any of that. It gets attention, too, but not as much from the young ladies
as I'd like.

Since around 2000 I have been working on a project about using computers in
education. One of my biggest inspirations was my MP110. I believe that
something slightly bigger, and with a few more bells and whistles, would
make the ideal student computer. HWR and instant on are a must.

Back in the day I had heard that Apple was coming out with the eMate, but
it sounded like just a message pad with a built-in keyboard. It was from
comments made in this group that I grew curious about the eMate's special
features, so I bought one. Very nice for writing, but not as versatile as
my MP2100, which I always have with me, even when I ride to work on my bike.

Progress on my project has been quite slow, but that is not unusual. Some
say it proves that my ideas are far reaching. I guess so, but there are
times when I have my doubts. Currently I still believe the ideal form
factor to be a slate, with optional external keyboard that does not need to
be dragged around. There is much to be done in this project, and all
participation is welcome. Please come and check us out.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project
73 BMW E9 (3.0 CS) 2213583 (rust repair research project)

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