Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 11:31:43 EDT

Name: Matt Howe
Age: 56
Occupation: Computer programmer
Location: Michigan USA
Newton Collection: 2100, Emate

My Newton Story:
A friend of mine was raving about these Newton things and how great they
were. I was less than impressed. So he bought me my first Newton, a used
MP120 2.0. After that I was hooked. I upgraded to a 2100 to get the added
power. I loaned my 120 to someone to kind of pass on the feeling. I couldn't
quite go the whole way and give it away. Anyway, they dropped something on
it and broke the screen. They felt very bad but I had my 2100 so I wasn't
too hurt. Later I acquired memory cards, modems, Ethernet cards, wifi cards,
keyboard and a printer interface. I most recently bought an Emate to assist
me in my Newton software development.

How I use my Newton:
I use TimeTrax, Address Access for dates, to-do's and names. I use I++ and
Witty keys to control my Newton. I use Geek Safe to store all of my on line
and financial information and codes. I have a huge collection of notes. I
have a copy of the Bible, an almanac of my own devising and a number of
other ebooks. I am building an ebook library on a 64 meg card using the ATA
driver. I do Spreadsheets in Works. My latest venture has been into GPSMap
Lite. I also have NS Basic. I use my 2100 to organize all phases of my life.
I have recently acquired a Nokia 770 to handle the Internet so I am no
longer using Simplemail nor Newtscape regularly. And I have a hacked
Nintendo DS to handle my media needs. My Newton is what ties all of my other
geek toys together.

RedJazz wrote:
Hi. This thread is about we, users of Newtons, to tell each other how we use
our Newtons, and maybe give each other some interesting ideas. I know a
similar thread was on the Newted Community Forums, but since the server is
down, I decided to revive the thread. Besides, most things on the NCF were
outdated anyway.

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