Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Colin Pate <>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 23:20:48 EDT

Name: Colin
Occupation: My hobbies are computer programming and filmmaking...check out
the links in my signature
Location: Washington, USA
Newton Collection: 2100, eMate
My Newton Story
One day in summer break 2006 I was bored on the computer and attempting to
amuse myself by pressing the "Random Article" button on Wikipedia. I stopped
when I stumbled upon the Newton article. I became very interested, and
visited a few Newton sites. A couple months later I bought an eMate for $20
on eBay. I loved it. I wrote a journal on it and used it for many different
things. Then, my hinge broke. I searched the web desperately for help on how
to fix it. This is how I found NewtonTalk. I posted to the list and soon
Woody told me how to fix the hinge and soon I had it working again. Thanks
Woody! After that, I hacked together a serial cable so I could put programs
on my eMate. I put awesome programs on it and loved it even more. Then, I
bought a memory upgrade for it. In February 2007 I recieved a MessagePad
2000 for my birthday, purchased on eBay. At least I thought it was a 2000,
and the listing said it was a 2000, but then I recieved it and it turned out
that it was upgraded, and that there was an 8mb memory card in the slot!
Good deal. A few months after, a family with an autistic child that my
family knows saw my eMate and became interested in it as a learning tool for
their child. They paid me to buy two eMates (one for the autistic child and
one for the older sister for school) and hinge repair and replace the
batteries. That was very successful, and they enjoy the eMates very much.
Also, a friend became interested in my eMate and bought one after seeing it.
I have done 3 hinge repairs and 3 battery pack replacements.

How I Use My Newton:
Writing school reports, as a planner, playing games.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 8:31 AM, Matt Howe <> wrote:

> Name: Matt Howe
> Age: 56
> Occupation: Computer programmer
> Location: Michigan USA
> Newton Collection: 2100, Emate
> My Newton Story:
> A friend of mine was raving about these Newton things and how great they
> were. I was less than impressed. So he bought me my first Newton, a used
> MP120 2.0. After that I was hooked. I upgraded to a 2100 to get the added
> power. I loaned my 120 to someone to kind of pass on the feeling. I
> couldn't
> quite go the whole way and give it away. Anyway, they dropped something on
> it and broke the screen. They felt very bad but I had my 2100 so I wasn't
> too hurt. Later I acquired memory cards, modems, Ethernet cards, wifi
> cards,
> keyboard and a printer interface. I most recently bought an Emate to assist
> me in my Newton software development.
> How I use my Newton:
> I use TimeTrax, Address Access for dates, to-do's and names. I use I++ and
> Witty keys to control my Newton. I use Geek Safe to store all of my on line
> and financial information and codes. I have a huge collection of notes. I
> have a copy of the Bible, an almanac of my own devising and a number of
> other ebooks. I am building an ebook library on a 64 meg card using the ATA
> driver. I do Spreadsheets in Works. My latest venture has been into GPSMap
> Lite. I also have NS Basic. I use my 2100 to organize all phases of my
> life.
> I have recently acquired a Nokia 770 to handle the Internet so I am no
> longer using Simplemail nor Newtscape regularly. And I have a hacked
> Nintendo DS to handle my media needs. My Newton is what ties all of my
> other
> geek toys together.
> RedJazz wrote:
> <snip>
> Hi. This thread is about we, users of Newtons, to tell each other how we
> use
> our Newtons, and maybe give each other some interesting ideas. I know a
> similar thread was on the Newted Community Forums, but since the server is
> down, I decided to revive the thread. Besides, most things on the NCF were
> outdated anyway.
> <snip>
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