Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Robert Terhune <>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 01:56:30 EDT

OK, hold the presses. Here's mine...

NAME: Robert Terhune
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Electrical Engineer/Grad Student (UNR)
LOCATION: Palomino Valley, NV, USA (near Reno)
COLLECTION: MP 2100, eMate 300 (and looking for more...)

I first learned about the Newton around 1997, when I first got into
Macs. With our first Mac (a Performa 6400), I got a free subscription
to MacUser Magazine, and one of the first issues I got was centered
around the "new" MP 2000. I was hooked then, but $1000 was way over
my 9th-grader budget. So, I sort-of forgot about it for several
years. Then, around 2003, I discovered J&K Sales. I then had a
little cash to burn, and decided to go for it. I bought a whole
collection from them, including a case, keyboard, modem, etc. I
originally connected it to our Performa.

Since then, I have connected my Newt to the Internet via WiFi, and I
install new packages on it via Bluetooth (from my MacBook Pro).
Before I got my MBP, I used it to web-surf when traveling. I remember
calling my dial-up ISP for tech support from a hotel one night, and
sheepishly admitting to the guy that I was trying to connect a
Newton. The guy got a laugh out of that one (but he was good-natured
about it)! My sister and I used it one semester to take notes in a
history class we took together. I also loaned it to her for a music
class, so she could record and practice her chord progressions.

I don't really use it for those things anymore, but I still bring it
with me almost everywhere I go. I now use it extensively as a book
reader, especially for the KJV Bible, which I believe you should read
every day anyway. I also keep a few games on there, and it makes one
of the best portable alarm clocks I can find.

I purchased my eMate about a year ago from a very friendly and helpful
eBay seller (probably one of you on this list...). It came with a
battery upgrade and a hinge fix. My eMate does a lot of sitting, but
I try to keep its batteries charged, and I pull it out now and then
for fun. I think it's neat that you can mount an eMate to a tripod!

The King James Version Bible is the only true Word of God.
If you want to get to Heaven, you must read it every day and do what
it says.
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