Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 17:05:00 EDT

NAME: Ron A. Parker
 AKA: RAParker, QuadzillaNET, TahoeSunsets
 AGE: 42

OCCUPATION: Apple Evangelist, Amateur Photographer, Aspiring Humorist.

LOCATION: South Lake Tahoe, California

Apples I Use:

Let's start with the Newtons...

A wireless MessagePad 2100 with a reinforced nylon tactical belt holster.
This is my brain on my hip. It is used for email, web surfing news, notes
and writing. I store my secure passwords. I track people, projects, bills
and everything else I don't want to forget.

An eMate 300 with a top loading leatherette briefcase. Technically, a
Christmas gift for my wife. However, I like to think of it as my college
typewriter on steroids. I can type 50 - 70 words per minute and so does my

A MessagePad 120 v2.0 with official, U.S. Army issued, camouflage carrying
case. This is my Hiking Newton. Equipped with GPS, local hiking maps,
geocaching data with satellite photos, radio communications, MP3 player and

What kind of eBooks? Well, the official U.S. Army training manuals for
survival, first aid, and land navigation, of course. I also carry a various
assortment of well known fiction writers and stories. Douglas Adams -
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy volumes 1-5. Jack London - The Call of the
Wild. Jules Vern - Journey to the Center of the Earth & Around the world in
80 Days. Now that ATA Support is available, I'm adding to my collection of
"eBooks for Travelers" everyday.

A MessagePad 130 - Soon to be GPS Hiking Newton #2. It will be identically
equipped as outline above. Remember, never travel alone... get's kind of

Now on to my other Apples...

Two Quadra 840av's. Both are running UNIX. One functions as my network
firewall and router. It provides wired access for my other Macs and
wireless access to my Newton 2100.

The other 840av (courtesy of Matthew Reidsma) functions as a dial up ISP
for my Newtons. Currently offline due to obsolescence. However, before I
was wireless with a 2100, this Quadra answered my second phone line and
allowed me access to my network for Fax printing and emailing from my
trusty MessagePad 120.

A PowerBook 2300c complete with DuoDock docking station. Currently offline
with an internal IDE HD failure. This was the OS 8/9 native Macintosh for
my Newtons providing a bridge from LocalTalk (serial) to my ethernet
network. Both a desktop Mac and, with a quick press on the eject button, it
became an ultra thin, portable notebook. Now just a monitor stand until I
pull it apart and replace the hard drive.

PowerMac G4/500 AGP running OS X v10.3.9. This is my main office machine. I
connect my Newton 2100 to Classic OS9 using wireless AppleTalk and a
software bridge to NCU. My Newton uses this Mac for monthly backups and as
needed, package installations.

I also own an HTC Star Trek communicator (cell phone). The choice of this
device was simple economics. $499 for an iPhone or $30 for a really cool
flip phone that runs Windows Mobile 5.0. I'm pretty happy with it. It was
sync'd from data off my Newton. How? Well it's a long, one way trip but I
know I could do it again.

From my Mac, I moved contact and note information which I've collected and
recorded since 1989 starting with my Mac SE. Exported to tab delimited text
and imported into my first Newton 120 in 2003. Once on my Newton, all my
information has been carried with me since. Next, I used a utility called
Lookout to sync with early and subsequent versions of Microsoft Outlook and
Microsoft Office.

Outlook sync's nicely with My Yahoo! and also my HTC WinMo cellphone as
well. I still use my Newton everyday for notes, writing, project
management, and email. Outlook remains my master database and my data is
available everywhere. My HTC does good job with email too. Because of the
software available and color screen, it also does fantastc job with flickr,
weather and news.

I will eligible for an upgrade to the 3G iPhone on March 9, 2009. Until
then, I will always carry my tricorder and my communicator. Newton: May you
live long and prosper.

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My name is R A Parker. I own a Newton and a Mac.
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