Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Ian P. Currie <>
Date: Sun Aug 10 2008 - 07:36:33 EDT

Name: Ian Currie
Age: 37
Occupation: Canadian government employee - computer hobbyist.
Location: Chelsea, QC
Newton Collection: MP2100, eMate and a precious few cards.

My Newton Story:
I read about the Newton in the late 1990s as an underemployed and
therefore under equipped Apple fanatic. Wanted one desperately, but in
the same way I wanted a Porsche or a Rolex. Completely unrealistic.
Still - I knew that one day I would have one.

In late 2007, spurred by.... I don't remember(!)... I decided the time
had come and I bought my MP2100 online. I use it mainly for a
calendar, notebook, and portable e-mailer. Until about three weeks ago
I was living in Tokyo so e-mail in particular was a lot of fun for me
-- so much free wi-fi around.

I bought the eMate a couple of months ago and actually have yet to fire
it up because I had it sent to my father's address and I haven't yet
picked it up. Looking forward to it!

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