Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

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Date: Thu Aug 21 2008 - 21:48:26 EDT

How do i use my Newton's?
I am a hobby collector and Newtons were a natural addition to my Mac
Collection. I have working copies of all the Newtons but really don't have any use for
them on a daily basis.I do use an EMate 300 to plan and record my travel
expenses for the trip to and from Florida. My summers are spent in the Rideau
Lakes district of Ontario and my Winters in Central Florida. I have been retired
for 29 years and have an unplanned daily routine except for Golf Days and Wife
Wife will ask my what i am going to do and I'll reply I don't know. I walk
out the door and always bump into something that need to be done. A perfect
retirement, Nothing planned but always something to do.

I am giving up my winter home in Florida this coming winter for a 33' Motor
Home and will have some Newton stuff to dispose of to list members. You are a
great bunch and I enjoy lurking in the background and reading all your
postings. I have passed off some of my surplus bits to List Members in the past.

Cheers to all of you
Warren Christopher
Probably the Oldest on this list.
80 past and still enjoying life

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