Re: [NTLK] Connecting my Newton-Questions!

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 12:37:45 EDT

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 11:16 AM, Andy Taylor <>wrote:
Greetings Andy,

> Link to Mac OsX I need a KeySpan USA-28.

Yeah that will do - I think I have the USA-28X model IIRC

> With that and NCX-34 and the adapter (just refound!), I'm off &
> running, yes?

Yes you should be able to connect using Simon Bell's NCX (hopefully my
memory serves me well on this) :)

> Wireless PCMCIA card

Get this driver

Fond this while dong a search just now on how to do it -
Maybe helpful... but there are newer descriptions that were discussed here

> I should try to get one of the cards from

Use MoreWifi only if the card you are using is not a OEM WaveLAN 16Bit with
the right specs.

> I assume. Anyone know what the colour coding on this page means?

Grey - cards listed on the driver site
Green - Cards that work
Yellow - Cards that are unknown
Red - Cards that don't work

Read the last column for the status if they work or not...

I assume that I will need to use NCX to load the wi(4) drivers
> mentioned there onto my 2100 in order to connect.

Yes, OR you can borrow or buy a card with the drivers pre-loaded. Check the
archives or someone will chime in here soon possibly.

> Will my 2100 then connect to my Airport Base Station? Will it be
> visible to my Mac? Via AppleTalk? (These may be silly questions)

Depends on the ABS - Graphite one should work fine - 802.11B
Encryption is something else it was discussed here recently...

> Memory Card
> I have a 64Mb SmartMedia (Transcend) card

This will depend if there is a Smart Media adapter - either a PCMCIA/Smart
Media Adapter OR a CF/Smart Media Adapter. I use SD cards and have a CF/SD
Adapter I got online awhile back.

> and a 128Mb CompactFlash (SanDisk) card lying around at home:
> Not sure how to tell whether either of these are safe to use so dunno
> what sort of PCMCIA adapter to look for.

PCMCIA/CF Adapter must be a 16Bit variant. I've tried generic and branded
and they seem to work - ppl should chime in and send me photos to upload to
the set listed below for refernece... of what you have used that works and
the model numbers.

These are photos with some descriptions about the setup you woul dbe looking

IF I do get one of these or something else working, can I get just
> plug PCMCIA adapter into old Ti powerbook?

No unfortunately it needs to be transferred directly to the Newton or
already on a Memory Card.

> Other 2100
> I'm looking to buy another, better cared for 2100.

There are a few places to still buy them other than here on this list from
J&K is the one I would consider besides eBay. Just don't over pay imo...

Can I transfer data/ packages between two via IrDA, or mem-card swapping?

Yes you can :)


God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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