Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Abraham Limpo Martínez <>
Date: Thu Aug 14 2008 - 05:27:14 EDT

A bit late, here goes mine:

Name: Abraham Limpo
Age: 28
Occupation: Flash Games Programmer
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Newton Collection: OMP, 2 x 120, 130, 2100, emate, a pocketful of modems
and a big box full of manuals and original software

My Newton Story:
I've been in love with newtons since I saw the announcement (probably of
the 110 or 120 model) on the press. As there was no official
distribution of the newton in spain, and later, when I found an import
store that held them they were too expensive for a child my age. That
didn't impede me of dreaming that at somepoint I will be able to
purchase one.
eBay was the key for getting my first newton, a 120 and it was all that
I wanted and even more. This one met an unfortunate demise when its
screen broken while wrestling with an assaulter that wanted my bag
(lesson one, kids, don't put your newton on your cargo pants pocket
without protection). The next adquisition was an OMP wich I find not
inmediate use (only worked when plugged on the wall), and an upgraded
120 that one day decided not to boot anymore. Luckily I was able to
"transplant" its memory and screen onto the first one and was able to
retain my data.
Some time later, a friend tipped me off that there was a good chance to
get a 130 from a german guy. A bit more expensive than the average, but
this guy cared a lot for it's PDA and it showed. The unit was a bit
weathered (edges polished for use, etc) but the unit show not signs of
abuse. This unit is the one I used longer, until one day it refused to boot.
More recently I got a newton 2100 and an eMate, but they didn't ellicit
the same spark than with my 130.

How I use my Newton Today:
My 130 was used as a portable notebook/sketchbook on my game journalist
days. To be able to sketch notes and later process them in a meaningful
form was amazing for the time.

Although I kept within my 2100 and eMate a copy of my contacts I have to
admit I don't use them much. I feel they are much clumsier than the 130,
especially my "jaggies" ridden 2100.

Since I purchased a tablet PC (a TC1100) last year I've been using less
and less the newtons. Although is bigger, it sports a much better HWR
than newton (at least for spanish language), plus I don't need to sync
it with anything.

Sigh... I miss my 130 :(

Kevin escribió:
> I was subscribed on my other email address but then I swapped over to
> the proper email (don't ask) so a quick copy and pase job gets this:
> NAME: Kevin Costelloe
> AGE: 25
> OCCUPATION: Claims Monkey
> LOCATION: Bristol, UK (formerly Toronto)
> I orignally saw a newtom years and years ago when I was a lot younger
> and travelling in the US. It was the most amazing thing ever. Only a
> month ago did it come back to my mind and I managed to acquire four of
> them off ebay for £10 + P&P.
> I use it for my everyday life scheduling and slowly I'm putting all my
> phone numbers and email addresses in to it as I've lost hundreds of
> contacts when I've switched phones, etc. I want to try and see how I
> can expand on it's use as it's always with me and practically lives in
> the car when I'm off and about.

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