[NTLK] PC vs. Mac Newton BACKUP File Compatibility

From: James Wages <james_at_kiramek.com>
Date: Fri Aug 15 2008 - 19:50:42 EDT

To my delight, PCBman recently was able to extract some important soups from
the test.bin file I created by writing out the content of my now-defunct
32MB linear flash card to disk. He used his PC to save the soups in BACKUP
format, filename: łNewton.NBK˛. Unfortunately, Iąve not been able to figure
out how to use this format with my Mac for placement on my 2100. PCBman
told me yesterday that he would look into it, but just in case he cannot
find a solution, I wanted to post this to NewtonTalk to see if any of you
would know.
Once again, I am a Mac user while PCBman used his PC to create this BACKUP
file for the Newt. I first tried his file with my SE/30 and serial cable
and NCU. NCU couldnąt see that file in the Finder, so I used FileBuddy to
change the File Type & Creator to match my other backup files (file
Type/Creator were missing because the file was originally created on
PCBmanąs PC, not a Mac running OS 9 or earlier). After the FileBuddy fix,
NCU then could see the file; but when I tried Restore, it failed with an
error dialog saying the file contents werenąt in normal NCU backup format.
I then hooked up my Newton to my G4 Cube via Keyspan serial adapter and
Simon Belląs NCX (under OS 10.4 Tiger). But NCX couldnąt read your backup
file either, so I changed the file extension to match what NCX backup files
normally are. That allowed NCX to see the file but it wouldnąt Restore in

I then thought PCBman may have saved this file in SBM Backup format (Iąve
never used SBM Utils for that purpose, so I wouldnąt know). But if that
were true, then how do I get the file into my Newton? I tried in vain to
IMPORT and INSTALL PACKAGE. Not sure how else to get it inside my Newton,
assuming the BACKUP file is indeed formatted for use with SBM Utils.

Whatever advice you can kindly offer would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you,
James Wages

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