Re: [NTLK] PC vs. Mac Newton BACKUP File Compatibility

From: James Wages <>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 05:30:58 EDT

On 8/17/08 2:15 PM, "Jon Glass" <> wrote:
> give the card the same name as the original, and it should
> work. Do remember the name of the original card? Alternately, you may
> need to name the card the name of the backup file.

Jon, I certainly appreciate your time in replying!

I renamed the NCX backup file to match the name of my 8MB Linear card.
Didn't work. Still gives me the "specified PCMCIA card cannot be found"

I then changed the name of my card to match the name of the NCX backup file
that PCBman sent me. This seems to have worked. But alas! Blasted NCX
errors out during the Restore! NCX has so much potential but it can be an
exercise in utter frustration at times. I then tried to relaunch NCX to try
it again and I get a nutty -600 error, forcing me to log out and try again.

Logged out but NCX is still fighting me. Trashed NCX and downloaded the
silly thing again, direct from Mr. Bell's website. Noted that the version I
download is only 1.2 versus the 1.3 I had before. Whatever. I'll use 1.2
this time. Nope. Still errors out after 12 seconds into the Restore. I
restart my Newton again, only to find Clarity was obliterated from my
Newton. Blasted NCX!

I can say that NCU running on my SE/30 is bullet-proof though. I've never
ever had a timeout with it (I use serial, by the way). So would anyone know
how I can convert an NCX backup file to something compatible with NCU?

Thank you!

James Wages

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