Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: James Wages <>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 17:35:20 EDT

On 8/18/08 2:41 AM, "Doug Denby" <> wrote:
> They are all copies of, copies of, copies of

A standard argument that is even now used by some "fundamentalists" in the
Christian faith. But there is a point of consideration here. If the triune
God, creator of the world and this entire universe, the God that Christians
and OT believers trusted in faith for eternal salvation, is truly as
omniscient and omnipowerful, how is it that he could not preserve his word
error-free through "copies of copies of copies"? If "all Scripture was
given by inspiration of God," (and if we assume that statement in the Bible
is not in error), it would seem plausible that such inspiration would not
necessarily be limited to the original texts. For if it was, then all
copies would carry with them some form of error, and ultimately result in
some form of distrust of the translated text (the only text that most people
can read), casting doubts on the faith of many.

I therefore think that to be a Christian, it would be most proper to
implicitly trust what one reads in terms of Scripture, rather than have
doubts about it. That holds true even if some in the Christian faith would
argue, "but the errors don't affect the primary teachings of the text." I
don't say this would apply to ALL translations of the Bible anymore than I
would say that "all religions of the world are correct." One does need to
be selective. But I feel that there are translations that can be trusted,
and the KJV is one of them, as evidenced by its scholarship and the fact it
has been in use by all denominations of the church since the early 1600's
(with spelling and grammar changes -- which don't alter meaning) made a few
times since that era.

" Christian " wrote:
> arguments over politics or religion get tired really fast

But they certainly do attract many to write something, at least at the
beginning, don't they!

However, I am agreed that this discussion doesn't directly related to "How
do you use your Newton," unless of course you use it primarily for church as
I do, for searching various Bible versions, like I do, and to take Sunday
School attendance, as I do. Even so, it would be best not to debate about
things. But what is said is said and I hope it is helpful to eliminate
"doubts" in the minds of some. "Doubt" is at odds with "faith."

--James Wages

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