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From: Dan <dan_at_dbdigitalweb.com>
Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 02:40:16 EDT

On 8/18/2008 4:43 PM, Tony Morrow wrote:

> I go off topic a bit (probably need to start a new thread), but that
> ever happened to the development of Newton Connection Tools <http://
> usuarios.arnet.com.ar/mtu16/>?

I don't know, I was actually just thinking about contacting the author
about this. It held great potential. The one problem I saw was that it
"locked" to your newton. And you had to purchase a copy for each newton
your owned. And if one died and you replaced it, time to get a new
code/license from the author.

I haven't looked at this project in a while so it may have changed, but
these limitations kept me from perusing this program. I have (and have
seen) too many cases of people purchasing software and when they had to
change newtons it no longer worked. And of course the developer was no
longer available by that time. I understand his reason for protecting
his software and he has every right to, but it also means that for such
a small community of users not many are going to purchase the software
he has obviously spent a great deal of time developing. Which is a real


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