[NTLK] StarCore titles

From: RedJazz <redjazz_slo_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 18:29:24 EDT

is it possible to download the StarCore titles Apple promoted so heavily at the release of the OMP and the MP110?

I do know that Dell Crosswords, Notion, GoFigure and Money Magazine Business Forms are on UNNA.

Titles that were released on ROM cards are out of the question, however, one of the Apple articles regarding Newtons mentions a demo version of Columbo's Mystery Capers. Does it exist? If it does, where can I find it?

M. Horvat

PS: The Notion Templates directory inside http://unna.dillernet.com/view.php?/applications/database/Notion1.2 leads to a dead link. Will this ever be fixed? I do have Notion 1.2 on my Newton and I use it heavily, but just in case this might prove handy (Not to mention other 1.x users as well).


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