Re: [NTLK] StarCore titles

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 19:07:48 EDT

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 6:29 PM, RedJazz <> wrote:
> PS: The Notion Templates directory inside leads to a dead link. Will this ever be fixed? I do have Notion 1.2 on my Newton and I use it heavily, but just in case this might prove handy (Not to mention other 1.x users as well).

The directory is there, but there's a longstanding bug that
directories with spaces (e.g. "Notion Templates"). You can browse the
UNNA repository directly by visiting <>, so
you can grab the Notion templates here:


This issue is in the bug tracker and is planned to be resolved by the
new site is roll out.

Morgan Aldridge

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