Re: [NTLK] Mail V Hangs While Storing

From: Gary Dunn <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 2008 - 18:18:01 EDT

On Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 11:06 pm Ron Parker wrote:

> Check the space remaining on your stores. Also, make sure you have not accidentally set the internal store as default. Fragmentation occurs and Mail V starts to hang when it gets near/under 400K. Mail V steals about 2K per connection and never returns it. You will need to erase the store to get it back.

Space on Stores

Name Used Free
Internal 2756k 767k
Card 2903k 898k

Storing new mail to Card. Seems like enough room bwt I'll try the Brain Wipe.

Gary Dunn, Honolulu
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