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From: Rob Cecchino <>
Date: Wed Aug 27 2008 - 23:01:24 EDT

For all those who were curious about what the NewtCLOCK site described in German. Here is a translation into English. For those individuals everywhere who speak the German language better than I do, I apologize in advance.

From as follows:

NewtCLOCK - The speaking clock

In 1999 I got the idea of programming a speaking clock which would announce the time in German with a push of a button. 'Time and Temp' by DMP Systems served as my example. Last year (2003) I forged ahead with my 'clock program.' Now one can set intervals, after so minutes minutes or hours, before the time is announced. I make this program available to all Newton owners as a free download. NewtCLOCK is freeware and may be downloaded. Now and then NewtCLOCK will be updated and the current version will be available on this web site -- although the site is still under construction."

Version Changes:

V 1.1.1 (1/2/2004)
-Announces time by interval
-Annouces date and holiday
-Position of the date and time
-Newton is now able to turn itself off while the program is running ;-)
-Requires only 127 kb storage

V 1.2 (2/23/2004)
[the above plus..]
-A 'Hide' function
-Requires 130 kB of storage

(NOS 2.x)

V 1.31* (4/12/2004)
[the above plus..]
-Works in landscape mode

V 1.31a (2/5/2005)
Similar to V 1.31, [this version] includes holidays for 2005

NEWTCLOCK V 1.31a was tested on [Newtons] 0 MP, 130 and 2000

*The previous version 1.3 (4/10/2004) was replaced by Version 1.31 because there was an error where the 'Hide' icon was incorrectly positioned.

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