[NTLK] Connecting to the Internet

From: Robert P. Bruckstein <Robert.Bruckstein_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri Aug 29 2008 - 01:50:05 EDT


I haven't used my Newton MP2000 (upgraded to 2100) in a long time and
can't remember how to connect to the internet. I have the Farallon
Ethernet PC card with driver 802.11b WaveLan from Noguchi. I have it
connected to my D_Link DI624 router port 3. I have an Internet Setup
link that is configure as such: DHCP Server, Card Farallon.....,
Domain Name:

When I try to connect I just get an error after it tries to connect
and stop half way. The Led on the connector of the Farallon car
doesn't turn on nor does port 3 on the router.

I would appreciate any clear instructions on how to connect and send
email. I am trying to transfer some files and have given up on trying
to connect directly to my Mac and thought email would be the solution.

Thanks for any assistance.


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