Re: [NTLK] Newton model number?

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 17:41:49 EDT

My Emate has a model number of H0208

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Newton) (Desktop)

Sonny Hung Wrote:
Yeah, for the other models such as the OMP & MP100 they had the same model
number just a slight difference in the NOS
For MP110/120 & 130 they each had different model numbers IIRC

For the MP2000 & 2100 they have the same model number and since the two are
only different in memory specs and the prior could be upgrade to the
latter's specs it seems they just kept it the same for the two.

Last one was the eMate and of course that was different.

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