Re: [NTLK] Deciding between wireless or ethernet card with dongle

From: Tony Kan <>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 06:58:14 EST

Just of the top of my head but someone could chime in with more...

Wireless Pros:
* Less risk of interconnect port damage
* Download speeds from web sites are lightning mcqueen fast;
* Setting up a personal web server allows own pkgs to be downloaded quickly
* Lots of pda friendly sites out there
* Lots of fun doing wireless emailing especially signing off with "sent from an
Apple Newton 2100" in the signature
* Once initial set up complete, more reliable than a serial connection
* No need to buy dongle or cable
* No need to buy USB adapter

Wireless Cons:
* need more kit so more shopping: keep to Netgear and Linksys and should be
fine; I use Netgear AP and Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card
* just some fiddling about with initial set up of access point/wireless router;
most of my problems came down to learning how to use the firewall software
properly to let the Newton connect.
* Need to read up on Wifi configuration jargon (eg Ad Hoc mode v Infrastructure
Mode etc)

Serial Pros:
* Less expensive
* Less kit to buy; especially for Windows users with PCs with extant serial
* Easier to configure
* NCU supports serial connections and allows documents to be uploaded to desktop
* NCU supports synchronisation with Outlook 9x/2k or Lotus Organizer 2.1 for
Windows 9x & 2k users

Serial Cons:
* For windows users, longer downloads (>200kb) are unreliable and stop with
error message midstride
* Risk of damaging interconnect port on newton due to cantilever forces
* At least 100 times slower than Wireless

I would recommend wireless, its worth the effort



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Subject: [NTLK] Deciding between wireless or ethernet card with dongle

[snip] I'm trying to decide
between the best method (easiest and most useful) to get my newly
acquired 2000 and 2000u on the internet. I'm really tempted to go for
the wireless, since I could use it at other places

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