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From: R A Parker <Quadzillanet_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat Dec 06 2008 - 16:52:00 EST

On Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 5:10 am Lionello Sacchi wrote:

> What I wanted to say is that
> with POP3 without ssl everybody
> on your office LAN with a
> sniffer can see your user/password.

Everybody? While some of this may be true for some offices... In my neck of the woods (the mountain resort community of Lake Tahoe) I'm the one who would be using a sniffer. But, obviously not for black hat (illegal) purposes.

I'm not a "Certified" network security analyst but I AM the closest thing that many (if not all) of my employers will ever have available to them. In a single statement: I control the routers, and the servers, and the network security. Because they trust me and I know what I'm doing.

As far as whether I'm worried if anyone else is sniffing my passwords. I use many security measures that make me comfortable enough to say, I'm not.

At the office, I have a separate router (Wireless Access Point), specifically for my Newton. This WAP is never on. I only turn it on when I need to (rarely) connect my Newton to the internet.

> I'll look for "the Fish", that I don't know.


 "The Fish" provides Blowfish encryption of notes and passwords. I feel safe enough to store all of my (many) passwords on my Newton.

> I'll investigate also Mail V
> I've been using a Newton only
> since a month!

It will either become a lifetime passion or the "Steve Job's" in you will kill it for good reasons.

> If you want e-mail virus free,
> you can get a Mac ;-)

Yep, got Mac. But your presumption is wrong. Here's something interesting for you to think about. Your Mac may not become infected by a virus or trojan, but it CAN infect other PC's... with just a single email.

Just for fun, I did a virus scan from my Windows machine (in my home office) and included my Mac's networked drives. The scanner discovered a scary amount of viri's and trojai's hiding there. Guess where... in my email archives which go back to 1994.

You see, people trust my judgement. They get a suspicious email and they will forward it to me for examination. I already know the answer to their concerns and I've never worried about my Mac becoming infected. But think about it. These nasties are still detectable and technically, hiding without my knowledge... until now.

> Just a question: how do you
> connect the USB drive to the
> Newton?

Wirelessly, of course! ;-)

The micro USB hard drive I carry slides in and out of my Newton's carrying case where ever I go. In addition to being a portable backup device for client emergencies, it carries a suite of applications which will run without installing directly on the Host computer. Firefox, Thunderbird, KeePass, Open Office, and various other support utilities.

I'm a Mac guy in a Windows world who happens to carry Newton MessagePad and a WinMo Star Trek flip phone. I must be able to connect to and support a world consisting of 87% Windows networks, plus a 12% sprinkling of Unix networks.

When computing in the cloud, I am not tied down to one specific computer. I do like things setup my own way. And, done in such a way that if I lose access to any or all of my devices, it will be difficult (if not near impossible) for anyone else to have access to my "sensitive" data.

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