[NTLK] Connected Newton to Powermac G4 What Happens to Packages?

From: Gregg Aydelotte <graydelotte_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Sat Dec 06 2008 - 20:35:53 EST

After installing NCU from downloads at unna.org, I got my MP2000 to
connect with my G4 powermac. While downloading some packages and
dragging them into the OS9 folder and different places to try to get
them the be seen, I read a post about PackType. I din't think I needed
it since the downloads showed a pkg extension, but I dragged the
packages across the PackType download GUI on my desktop, and it worked
-they were seen by the install package function in NCU, and I got them
installed on the Newton (I've got the book-KJV NT!). I read some posts
saying that the downloads are not binary when they end up on the system
Is that what probably happened to the downloaded packages that I tried
to install? I'm using Mozilla Firefox for a browser. I looked for info
on help for Mozilla, but couldn't find anything about controlling
downloading of files to maintain binary.
BTW, I used a Newton connection cable from J & K sales that ends in a
female DB-9 plus a Keyspan USA-19HS (USB to male DB-9) with the OS 9
drivers that came on the install disk (taking heed to follow Keyspan
advice not to install the OS X drivers *and* the OS 9 drivers together
on the same system). The connection worked well with the name of the
Keyspan cable showing up in NCU. It was fairly fast. This cable setup
costs about $50, but its worthwhile (to me) being without a Newton
interconnect dongle. Now on to the MP2000U (has 2100 sticker by Newton
connection port).
G.R. Aydelotte

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