Re: [NTLK] Connected Newton to Powermac G4 What Happens to Packages?

From: Scott Rogers <>
Date: Sat Dec 06 2008 - 20:40:46 EST

Is there a reason you're not using NCX?

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 6:35 PM, Gregg Aydelotte
<> wrote:
> After installing NCU from downloads at, I got my MP2000 to
> connect with my G4 powermac. While downloading some packages and
> dragging them into the OS9 folder and different places to try to get
> them the be seen, I read a post about PackType. I din't think I needed
> it since the downloads showed a pkg extension, but I dragged the
> packages across the PackType download GUI on my desktop, and it worked
> -they were seen by the install package function in NCU, and I got them
> installed on the Newton (I've got the book-KJV NT!). I read some posts
> saying that the downloads are not binary when they end up on the system
> Is that what probably happened to the downloaded packages that I tried
> to install? I'm using Mozilla Firefox for a browser. I looked for info
> on help for Mozilla, but couldn't find anything about controlling
> downloading of files to maintain binary.
> BTW, I used a Newton connection cable from J & K sales that ends in a
> female DB-9 plus a Keyspan USA-19HS (USB to male DB-9) with the OS 9
> drivers that came on the install disk (taking heed to follow Keyspan
> advice not to install the OS X drivers *and* the OS 9 drivers together
> on the same system). The connection worked well with the name of the
> Keyspan cable showing up in NCU. It was fairly fast. This cable setup
> costs about $50, but its worthwhile (to me) being without a Newton
> interconnect dongle. Now on to the MP2000U (has 2100 sticker by Newton
> connection port).
> G.R. Aydelotte
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