[NTLK] Orinoco Gold Wireless card-not recognized

From: Gregg Aydelotte <graydelotte_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 20:16:31 EST

I just received a use Lucent-Orinoco card (5 volt believed to be 16
bit), so I installed the LucentWaveLAN driver from Labo.Newton WaveLan
website. Upon installation, an error message "Error unable to activate
802.11b WaveLan since Newton Device drivers are not in the system" when
the card is ejected and reinserted this error message pops up"There is a
problem with this card (Newton cannot recognize this type of card.).
Even though the website says registration closed in 2005, I was able to
download ver. 1.08a and links for screen shots to registered users that
would not work before the download now work. Any ideas? Card was
supposed to be pulled from a working environment.

G.R. Aydelotte
MP2000U and MP2000

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