Re: [NTLK] IrDA and Neo/Nitro on MP2x00

From: Borja Robles Maldonado <>
Date: Tue Dec 30 2008 - 18:02:00 EST

Hi Calvin:
Same issue for me on triying to send/recieve over IrDA. Got all the packages
you mention but the connection seems to be so weak because išve got to do
what you said about being fast for not being reported with an error.
In my case išve tried the thing with an old Packard Bell Desktop that went
from W98 to XP trough the years. My attemps were with XP.
I did it with all the transfer speeds possibles and/or IrDA discovering
automated or not. Finally i gave up and do all my transfers via Docking,
mail, screenshot (NCX) or webserver (via Courier/Newstcape or FetchURL). For
me IrDa and Bluetooth are things išve never get to work fine.
Uhm, one last thing, Išve tried transfers via an old Nokia 9110i
Communicator and same errors ocurred. It made me thought that the Newton
IrDA protocol was different from the rest of devices...
Have a happy new year

-- Borja Robles
Málaga (Spain)
MessagePad 2000
iMac 24", Leopard 10.5.6

On 30/12/08 22:40, "Calvin Grier" <> wrote:

> I've always wanted to use Ekhard's programs ot solve the PC to
> Newton transfer issues I've faced. I always thought my problems using his
> programs related to the multitude of extensions I'd installed on my
> messagepad.
> However, this holiday I decided to try using a "wiped clean" system to make
> a good IrDA OBEX conneciton to a laptop, so I could send over my notes. But
> I still get the same errors. These happen on all three MP2x00 systems I own.
> I must be missing something big (but not obvious to me.)
> When sending a note, I pick the action and select OBEX, and I immediately
> get this error:
> -8007
> followed by this one...
> -48205
> When receiving, I go to the In/out box and tell it to receive irOBEX. It
> will wait for a connection with the PC, but errors out when the connection
> is made,
> -38505 "Check the 'Use OBEX:IrXfer Setting'"
> I've tried using the setting checkbox both ways, and I get the same error no
> matter the setting.This connection does work sometimes, but I must be really
> quick on the trigger to send the file I want before the Newton generates an
> error.
> I've got Ntox, Neo, Nitro and NHttplib installed. Nothing else is on the
> Newton.
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