[NTLK] IrDA and Neo/Nitro on MP2x00

From: Calvin Grier <ckgrier2_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Dec 30 2008 - 16:40:14 EST

I've always wanted to use Ekhard's 40hz.org programs ot solve the PC to
Newton transfer issues I've faced. I always thought my problems using his
programs related to the multitude of extensions I'd installed on my
However, this holiday I decided to try using a "wiped clean" system to make
a good IrDA OBEX conneciton to a laptop, so I could send over my notes. But
I still get the same errors. These happen on all three MP2x00 systems I own.
I must be missing something big (but not obvious to me.)

When sending a note, I pick the action and select OBEX, and I immediately
get this error:


followed by this one...


When receiving, I go to the In/out box and tell it to receive irOBEX. It
will wait for a connection with the PC, but errors out when the connection
is made,

-38505 "Check the 'Use OBEX:IrXfer Setting'"

I've tried using the setting checkbox both ways, and I get the same error no
matter the setting.This connection does work sometimes, but I must be really
quick on the trigger to send the file I want before the Newton generates an

I've got Ntox, Neo, Nitro and NHttplib installed. Nothing else is on the

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