Re: [NTLK] Query about HTML files

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Sat Jan 12 2008 - 11:12:52 EST

Il giorno 12/gen/08, alle ore 14:28, Andy Hill ha scritto:
> Do you by any chance know how I find out what my IP address on my
> desktop
> is?
Sorry, not exactly my field here but it should be "ipconfig" in the
Command Prompt, in case you mean to access your Windows machine with
the Newton through your local network as this will give you the
"internal" IP and not "what the rest of the world think you are" IP.
But actually in the former case you could know it also through the
router setting panel. In the latter case the shortcut would be to use
some of those websites that return your IP address (sorry for the
technical jargon and the high tech description...).

> And also what exactly I would type into Newtscape as an address?
Again, if you mean on Windows with that NewtShare, I am not sure
since I never used it. Probably you will have to select a folder to
be shared so the address could be something like

By the way, why not NCU, a serial cable and some instance of slowdown?

A huge disclaimer applies to anything I wrote. Better: I will deny I
wrote it.



>> Il giorno 12/gen/08, alle ore 00:02, Woody Smith ha scritto:
>>> It seems that there should be a way. I am not a windows user but I
>>> seem to recall that there is a way to host a web server on your
>>> computer.
>> Right, Woody. I recalled it too and here it is:
>> <>
>> Hopefully somebody testing it should also add this option under
>> <>
>> Regards,
>> Giulio

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