Re: [NTLK] Newton Museum DVDs

From: Sebastian Sparrer <>
Date: Sat Jan 12 2008 - 18:32:00 EST

William Pociengel schrieb:
> hmmmm I double checked my piratebay seed and the file size seems a bit
> wierd. I'll also upload to any other tracker you'd care to suggest.
> After all it's just sitting here on one of my servers and there is
> hardly any load on the box, so serving up the torrent is not an issue.
I am currently trying to download three different Newton related files
from Torrentbox and two from ThePirateBay, where the file sizes reported
from PirateBay are only around 600 and 100 MB, whereas the file sizes
from torrentbox are all around 4.2 GB. The Newton Museum.dmg from
Torrentbox is currently the most sucessful - for all the others I can
see one seeder - possibly you - but it simply does not start downloading
... :-(

I'm going to shut down my machine now for a while to see if a renewed IP
helps ... Any other ideas?

Best regards


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