[NTLK] ports and other frustrations

From: Andy Hill <adhill_at_fastmail.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 01:12:15 EST

Hi there

I have a very reliable serial connection between my MP2000 and Windows
desktop when using NCU (on Comm port 1), however when I try to use Xport or
the Quickfigure exchange with Excel and attempt to connect using the same
cable and port I get nothing, not a dickie bird. Both used to work fine
using Wondows ME but since upgrading to XP home edition things have gone
down hill.
When attempting a transfer of an excel worksheet, a message said, port
already in use? When it was only connected to the Newt and NCU was not open?

Can anyone shed any light on what changes or settings I might need to make
to get these speaking to each other again?

Also another frustration is in trying to connect to the pc using Newtshare
from Newtscape. I would really like to be able to set up file sharing. Again
nothing doing whatsoever. The pc just waits for the connection. Could anyone
give me some clues.

Last but not least, do any windows users on the list actually have an
ethernet connection going directly between the newt and the pc? If so could
you help me out with this connection. I can't get mine to do anything. I
have what I believe to be a crossover cable.

Many thanks


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