Re: [NTLK] No New Newt [OT]

From: Thomas Brand (T2) <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 21:10:40 EST

When it comes to installing software on the MacBook Air from another
computers optical drive this feat was first made possible on a Mac
with System 7. With AppleTalk on and a cable connecting both computers
make the mounted optical volume on one computer a share point and
presto you are now accessing and installing files on the first
computer from the second computer's optical drive. This technique
works well for drive-less Duos, the PowerBook 2400 and the PowerBook
5300 not to mention any other optical drive equipped machine. It also
worked over wireless with the advent of Mac OS 9.

Thomas Brand (T2)

On Jan 17, 2008, at 6:11 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:

> So yeah...Apple's idea is nice..but it's a bit of "been there, done
> that".
> Again, Apple takes an already been used idea, repackages it into a
> nice sleek package and calls it "new technology". In fact, what
> Apple is proposing is something that I have been doing in almost
> every job I've had since 2001! I'm not impressed.
> Ed

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