[NTLK] Semi-Newbie With 2008 Questions

From: Steve <steve_at_craftsathome.net>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 11:11:18 EST

Hey all. I just joined the list. I had an MP130 in 2001, and loved it and
then traded it away. I recently saw an eMate for cheap on eBay, and am
considering getting one for taking notes in meetings and keeping track of
appointments. I have hit the handful of Netwon sites (including the CPU
mod, pretty cool hack) but am not sure in 2008 if it is possible to

  0. If an eMate 300 will do what I basically want
  1. Buy an already-sped-up eMate 300
  2. Trick out the memory/storage
  3. Interface with my Windows desktops to share the notes I take.

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