Re: [NTLK] No New Newt [OT]

From: Frederick Heald <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 23:16:26 EST

Other subnotes with no optical:
-Sony Z505
-Dell D410
-Asus eeepc (okay, so it's not comparable - but it will apparently run
-not to mention any of the UMPCs like the Sony U1, Toshiba Libretto,
anything you'd find at )
-As well as the Powerbook 2400.
-The Powerbook 100 had external floppy, which people griped about, too.
Different needs for different people, of course. I'd prefer
no/external/home optical drive, smaller screen (I could live with 8"
or 10" and smaller keyboard while walking around, if it docked with a
full screen and keyboard at home/work).

Then again, I'd also like replaceable/hacker accessable battery, hard
drive, memory, motherboard, and more ports. So basically a Macbook
with no optical and a 10" screen would make me happy.

On Jan 18, 2008, at 3:53 AM, Riccardo Mori wrote:
> I don't recall Jobs talking about the feature of connecting to a
> shared optical drive in terms of "new technology". Anyway, with this
> feature, Apple may not be proposing anything new, but is there
> actually a PC equivalent of the MacBook Air _without_ the optical
> drive, to save space and weight? Other subnotebooks by Sony or Samsung
> (to name two) prefer sacrificing screen estate and even processor
> power, but retain the CD/DVD drive. (Yes, they're smaller in length
> and width, and some will accept that tradeoff. I, for one, can't and
> won't work on anything with a screen smaller than 12").

"Just be glad, you who forgot to set your VCR, that you don't have the
image of Ally [McBeal]'s Sex Scene Face seared into your brain, like I
do. That gaping black maw...the contorted lips under the razor-sharp was like something out of Hieronymous Bosch's sketchbook. I
can't stop shuddering. " - Mighty Big TV
Frederick Heald

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