[NTLK] Update on my particular Newton future

From: Jon Scordia <jscordia_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Jan 19 2008 - 05:35:39 EST

Hi everyone. I've got to say thank you to everyone for showing an
interest in my Newton 'drawing board sale'!

And of course to those who purchased the surplus bits and bobs. THANKS!

There are a few things I though worth mentioning back to the list:

I got some great responses from some really enthusiastic people on the
list. It's been a pleasure dealing with everyone.

It's clear to me that there are still a lot of people out there who
use this stuff, and who strive to make as much use of the platform as
they can. It still amazes me that the list is so active.

Many of you were trying to talk me out of getting rid of all of it. It
does look like there have been a large number of people giving up
their collections recently, but given the enthusiastic response, just
as many people building theirs!

And in the end I couldn't ditch it all. It became a process of
deciding what my core objectives, and therefore gadgets, actually where.

In short, for me it's got to be all about the software usability,
flexibility and finesse of the Newton OS. I've spent too much time and
energy trying to tease my 2(1)00 into being a 'swiss army knife' wifi/
bluetooth gadget and not enough about actually using it!

So I've come back to a nice core setup as follows:

1. Upgraded MessagePad 2000 to 2100 with SER-01 and rebuilt battery
(courtesy of Frank Gruendel)

2. Proper power supply!

3. USB-serial/power lead (courtesy of Adriano Angelilis)

4. Prototype stand no 1 (courtesy of my garage!)

5. 2no 10meg linear flash cards

6. Tucano soft case (was a power cable/supply accessory that came with
the iBook Tucano case) perfect for the above.

7. A core software suite that I need to carefully reconsider.


Here's a gratuitous picture!


While writing, the following items are still on the 'old board' if
you're interested...

a. Ethernet card/adaptor/cables/drivers.

b. Wavelan Bronze Wifi card.

c. Screen protectors x 5.

I had some problems with battery life and some software problems, so
am contemplating a brain wipe.

And in the meantime, I've upgraded to Leopard and my current methods
of communication with the Newton give me nothing but a Kernel Panic!
I'll start asking you some related questions under separate email
headings as I strive to resolve this.

So a lot to do to build things up again....but my Messagepad will live

Thanks again, you're a great list!


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