Re: [NTLK] No New Newt, epaper witn pen

From: Norman Palardy <>
Date: Sun Jan 20 2008 - 13:54:34 EST

On 20-Jan-08, at 11:30 AM, dotline7 wrote:

> PS. Can someone explain to me why we can't give up 100 years old
> keyboard
> key's setup. We learn in schools that our alphabet is A B C ... Not
> Q W E R
> .... Than we could type even fasster.

QWERTY is laid out that way to deliberately slow typists down so the
manual typewriters would not jam.
It was laid out that way so the most frequently typed letters would
not cause problems by being typed so rapidly.

The DVORAK keyboard layout is designed so that the most frequently
typed letter are on the "home row" and so can be typed very rapidly.
I believe that all the worlds very fastest typists use the DVORAK

And neither is laid out A B C D ... etc

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