[NTLK] Flash: Something interesting

From: John Broughton <jdbroughton_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 14:42:59 EST

This from Dan Frakes of MacWorld:
Many products you see at Macworld Expo look so much like other ones youíve seen before, itís tempting to pass them by. But doing so means you sometimes miss out on some very interesting stuff.
For example, MacAllyís $100 BTKeyMini: As you might deduce from its nameóor perhaps notóthe BTKeyMini is a small, Bluetooth keyboard, designed to fold up and carry in your bag. Not terribly interesting, as Iíve seen many such keyboards in the past.
But if MacAllyís representatives have been correctly informed, this keyboard is something special. According to the representative I spoke with, when the BTKeyMini arrives this March, it will work with the iPhone, meaning youíll be able to use it to type in any iPhone application that would normally use an onscreen keyboard. Given that many, many people have tried to pair various Bluetooth keyboards with the iPhone, I was surprised by this claim, so I asked again to confirm. And then I asked a third time. MacAlly assured me I was understanding correctly.
       At dinner earlier this week, my colleague Jason Snell told me that if he could get an external keyboard for his iPhone, he might not have to bring his laptop; he could get by with his iPhone alone. And I quickly agreed. So Iím keeping my fingers crossed that the BTKeyMini truly does what the company claims. We certainly plan to verify it, come this March.
Maybe the iPhone/iTouch are finally getting there?


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