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From: Gary Moody <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 15:04:58 EST

When Apple ports a good Cisco-compatible IPSEC client and the Rosetta HWR engine to the iPhone...I'm there!



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> This from Dan Frakes of MacWorld:
> Many products you see at Macworld Expo look so much like other ones
> you’ve seen before, it’s tempting to pass them by. But doing so means you
> sometimes miss out on some very interesting stuff.
> For example, MacAlly’s $100 BTKeyMini: As you might deduce from its
> name—or perhaps not—the BTKeyMini is a small, Bluetooth keyboard, designed to
> fold up and carry in your bag. Not terribly interesting, as I’ve seen many
> such keyboards in the past.
> But if MacAlly’s representatives have been correctly informed, this
> keyboard is something special. According to the representative I spoke with,
> when the BTKeyMini arrives this March, it will work with the iPhone, meaning
> you’ll be able to use it to type in any iPhone application that would
> normally use an onscreen keyboard. Given that many, many people have tried to
> pair various Bluetooth keyboards with the iPhone, I was surprised by this
> claim, so I asked again to confirm. And then I asked a third time. MacAlly
> assured me I was understanding correctly.
> At dinner earlier this week, my colleague Jason Snell told me that
> if he could get an external keyboard for his iPhone, he might not have to
> bring his laptop; he could get by with his iPhone alone. And I quickly
> agreed. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the BTKeyMini truly does what
> the company claims. We certainly plan to verify it, come this March.
> Maybe the iPhone/iTouch are finally getting there?
> R
> J

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