Re: [NTLK] No New Newt

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 15:32:45 EST

hmm using a lenovo at work I find that my powerbook g4 allows me to work
MUCH faster than the lenovo. I don't care who has the faster specs the
powerbook runs circles around it doing my daily tasks. and the powerbook
is 5 years old, smaller and lighter.

If the powerbook wasn't running so nice I'd buy the Air in a flash,
almost did but as I said the powerbook is doing what I need quite
nicely. besides which if I switch to intel processors then I need to
swap out the powermac to keep everything in sync ;-)

So for the $$ and the actual user operational speed (ie how fast can I
get things done) the Air is a good choice. Can't recall when was the
last time I actually used ethernet? Oh yeah when it's docked and I used
the KVM.


Aaron Brigati wrote:
> On Jan 16, 2008, at 9:37 AM, Steven Scotten wrote:
>> And I for one am impressed. Is it revolutionary? No. But maybe it
>> pushes the industry in the right direction. When was the last time
>> anyone other than Sony put out a laptop that was under six pounds?
> Erm. Lenovo has more than 30 models under 6 pounds. They have 4
> models under 3 pounds.
> Toshiba has a 1.88 pound laptop.
> Panasonic's W7 is 2.4 pounds.
> Dell sells machines under 4 pounds.
> Asus laptops start at two pounds.
> Fujitsu has models that are smaller than the Newton.
> Acers start at 4.3 pounds.
> Subnotebooks haven't gone away.

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