Re: [NTLK] No New Newt

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 15:43:41 EST

okokokok if I want power then I'll use the desktop and sync my files.
What I want from a laptop is something I can use on my lap and i can
easily carry it around. I personally don't try to run everything from a
one size fits all machine. If I want horsepower I'll use the farm
sitting in the rack next to my desk, 4 machines who knows how much
memory (i can't remember) and a terabyte or three for disk space.

A laptop, for me, is all about portability.


Martin Joseph wrote:
> On Jan 16, 2008, at 12:50 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:
>> Sure, I can see if you have to support a massive ego or
>> compensate for inadequete self esteem, then yeah, this computer may
>> allow you to carry on that facade a little longer..
> <snip>
> Ok, I'll take Ed's troll bait.
> Perhaps you are just someone who happens to appreciates the
> superiority of Mac OSX, and would like a portable that isn't as ugly
> as a trolls butt?
> Ed suggesting he wouldn't buy this computer is kind of funny to me.
> He did buy and Apple computer, once upon a time....
> Marty
> PS My wife who is an attorney wants the Macbook air due to it's carry
> along compactness and it's BEAUTIFUL design.
> PPS Personally I tend to agree with Ed, in that I would prefer the
> Macbook Pro even if it weighs a bit more due to it's greater speed
> and expandability.
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