Re: [NTLK] How do I keep a password protected journal?

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 17:16:31 EST

Yes several of us do that are here on the list. It works well. The
most popular program for this is Geeksafe. Great program very handy.
Though if you want "total" security with a encrypted data soup, this is
not to be as it only protects with a password. Nicks Safe (I think that
is the name) does encrypt the data, however it is not as user friendly
in my experience.

Someone was in the process of upgrading Geeksafe so it did encrypt the
soup. Though I haven't heard anything about that project in some time.
 Hopefully it is not dead, as it is defiantly one I would like to see.

You mentioned "key chain" do you mean a thumb drive (usb)? There are
some really good password databases that support encryption for thumb
( to be
exact)That is only one site and there are others as well. And you could
use Truecrypt (also open source) to encrypt a normal text document with
all of your passwords.

Also the original topic of this was "how to keep a password protected
journal". I do have a suggestion that I have not seen posted
yet...."Super Notepad". It adds a lot of great additions to the notepad
and one of them is the ability to password protect a note or even
encrypt it if you wish. I am sure the encryption is not as secure as
"The Fish" but it will do the trick and add a lot of great functionality
as well.


On 1/26/2008 4:11 PM, dotline7 wrote:
> When I think how to protect my data against thieves, how to protect my my
> Mini and my Tibook I always face a problem where to store all keywords. Some
> people say the Keychain is not good enough.
> I wonder if Newton would be a good place to store all passwords. It is an
> ODD device. Not so many people know it. For many people it is worthless. It
> never losses the data due to power cut. One can encrypt the keywords in
> Notes or possible in Names and story it on a card, not internally.
> Is it a good idea?
> John
> On 1/25/08 6:18 AM, "Kate Case" wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I want to keep a journal which I would like to be private and only
>> accessible with a password. What's the best way to go about this? I
>> want to be able to use HWR for input. I have a Newton 2100.

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