Re: [NTLK] Question About Avi's Backdrop

From: Michael J. Hu▀mann <>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 08:51:54 EDT

Tony Morrow ( wrote:

> I've been using Avi's Backdrop as the backdrop on my Newton for
> several years. I've noticed screen shots of other users setups where
> along the bottom, next to the info, rotate, and recent app buttons
> they have several other buttons. My question is what apps are these
> buttons from and how can I add some to my backdrop setup? I've looked
> in common places like the list and unna, but have not been able to
> come up with an answer.

There are a couple of packages installing themselves as buttons on the
button bar of whatever app is the selected backdrop app -- this isn't
specific to Avi's Backdrop.

- Michael

Michael J. Hu▀mann

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