Re: [NTLK] "Assistance!" help please!

From: Bob Carls Dudney <>
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 13:18:11 EDT

On 3/9/08, RedJazz wrote:
>says..expired. I've never installed it before

Not familiar with that app nor OS 1, but if you have a soup editor,
you could search system soup (internal store) for an Assistance
entry. If it has an install date slot, try changing date to future
time. (To test: freeze/unfreeze app, or restart Newt.) That fools
some apps into thinking they're still in demo mode.

Probably by now the authors won't mind you pirating it.

If that doesn't work, you could try resetting clock back 15 years or
so to see if it was self-expiring demo/version. If so, that date may
be hard-wired in and only changeable by editing package itself. I
presume latter requires Apple's developer kit, but I'm just a hacker,
not programmer.

Alternatively, forget Assistant. I never found it worth the trouble.
But I've never used OS 1.

Warning re editing soups: never edit the "_uniqueID" slot: it's how
system finds that entry in soup, and could trash soup. -- Trashed
system soup likely to require brain wipe to fix.

Also, in some soup editors (if not all), the value of any slot that
is just a single integer is displayed as a date, regardless whether
system considers it a date or not. If slot name doesn't include
"date" or "time", its value may not represent a date to system.

Good luck,


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