[NTLK] FS - interconnects and 2100

From: Brian McMillan <brianmcmillan_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 09:41:12 EDT

It's time to clean out the basement and sell a few things.
I have 7 newton interconnect male plugs! Yes, REALLY!!! ;^)
6 are bare and I have 1 with leads attached.
Make me an offer.


Apple Newton 2100 in perfect condition
No wear spots
All doors work perfectly

With the following accessories:
Newton Rechargeable Battery Pack (holds a charge well)
AA tray
WaveLan Gold card
CF to PCMCIA adaptor w/ 32MB CF card
Serial to Interconnect adaptor
Newton Keyboard
Apple 9W Power Adaptor
Interconnect to DB9 cable
Make me an offer.

Please e-mail me off the list.

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