Re: [NTLK] 2010 Fix Alpha Testers Needed

From: Klaus Finke <>
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 06:39:39 EDT

>I'm looking for alpha testers for the low level 2010 patch
>(<>) for MP2100 US.
>The fix comes with two caveats:
>1) It can render your Newton useless, and getting it back to live requires
>either swapping in a German MP2100 ROM board, or sending the Newton to me.
>2) It can still exhibit the same or similar symptoms like the original
>2010 problem, and more specifically might require a brain wipe to get the
>Newton back to normal.
>The first risk is quite low but exists, however the idea is to ensure that
>the second item is clarified with this testing.
>If you are interested and not put off by the problems, let me know.
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Moin Eckhart.

Think I should join the testing gang, too.
I only have one MP2100, it's in daily use,
but it is one with a German ROM, so it might be safer than the
English ones, and if it should get bricked then it's not too far away
to send to you anyway (c;

With kind regards and thanks.

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