Re: [NTLK] Newbie - Please Frogive the Ineptitude

From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Date: Thu Apr 16 2009 - 13:09:30 EDT

Thanks Joel, & all

I will work on an inventory and post something. I don't have the luxury
(knowledge) of having my own FTP or website for downloading so I'll chime in
when I can in the mean time.

Rants: (Steve J.) & (Bill G.).... enough said?

Raves: -MP2100, what a great piece of work. I love the comments I get when I
flash it in public. "It was made when?" "It does what?"
OH, and yesterday I had the unbelievable pleasure of breaking the FACTORY
seal on the box of a mint, brand new, untouched, MP2100!!!
Way cool!
Christmas in April!
The batteries hadn't leaked and they fired up my new Newt on the spot. My
regular Newt is running them as I type. I'm curious to see just how long
they last. 4 more to be had for anyone
IT&item=250401774254) I took advantage of the buy now and got a keyboard I
have been wanting for a long time as well.
-More Info 5.0, I've been running it since it came out. Saved my butt more
than a few times.
- Jig! And Deep Green, wonderful time passers at the airport, in the waiting
room or while the Mrs. does her shopping. :)
- Freeze utility, saves all kinds of memory (heap) for other things.
- The wealth of information and knowledge I've had the pleasure of coming
across about Newts from the likes of good people like I see here.

Stefan Thorsteinson

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