Re: [NTLK] Newbie - Please Frogive the Ineptitude

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Thu Apr 16 2009 - 19:18:29 EDT

Hi Stefan:

Thanks for the info. As for the auction, no comment on that.

I wanted to let you know: be very careful with new Newton's, or any 'new', old piece of tech. The boards are brittle and have not been worked in. You need to use them carefully, and slowly for about a month before getting into heavy use. If it were me, I would take it apart and check for corrosion. I have just gone through the pains of doing so on one brand new eMate, and another 2100. The 2100 had a brittle board, and a bit of corrosion. When I tried to charge a battery in it, I fried a supercapacitor, and had to replace the motherboard. On the eMate, I found all kinds of corrosion on the motherboard that I removed as best I could.

So far so good on them now.

All the best.


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Thanks Joel, & all

I will work on an inventory and post something. I don't have the luxury
(knowledge) of having my own FTP or website for downloading so I'll chime in
when I can in the mean time.

Rants: (Steve J.) & (Bill G.).... enough said?

Raves: -MP2100, what a great piece of work. I love the comments I get when I
flash it in public. "It was made when?" "It does what?"
OH, and yesterday I had the unbelievable pleasure of breaking the FACTORY
seal on the box of a mint, brand new, untouched, MP2100!!!
Way cool!
Christmas in April!
The batteries hadn't leaked and they fired up my new Newt on the spot. My
regular Newt is running them as I type. I'm curious to see just how long
they last. 4 more to be had for anyone
IT&item=250401774254) I took advantage of the buy now and got a keyboard I
have been wanting for a long time as well.
-More Info 5.0, I've been running it since it came out. Saved my butt more
than a few times.
- Jig! And Deep Green, wonderful time passers at the airport, in the waiting
room or while the Mrs. does her shopping. :)
- Freeze utility, saves all kinds of memory (heap) for other things.
- The wealth of information and knowledge I've had the pleasure of coming
across about Newts from the likes of good people like I see here.

Stefan Thorsteinson

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