Re: [NTLK] I think someone got ripped off recently on eBay ;-P

From: Christian Walther <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 02:57:52 EDT


2009/4/17 James Fraser <>:
> Hello,
> --- On Thu, 4/16/09, Sonny Hung <> wrote:
> Sure enough, someone bought that...and for a walk-away price of $350+.
> Which just goes to show you, um, something.  I'm not sure what.

Well, I guess for some of us being a newton enthuisiast means to
collect every item available. This means that the price an item
achives in an auction seems to be ridiculous to some. The question is
not if the price is okay from an objective standpoint. In case of the
newton (and any other device that can be considered "retro") something
like an objective standpoint doesn't exist. Yes, we all have our
reason why we still use and love the newtons, but these reasons are
quiet unique to each of us. The general population wouldn't agree with
That being said I believe that it is up each one of us to decide what
a device is worth.
Yes, checking back with the list in advance seems to be a reasonable
thing to do. I don't know, what would you say would be a good price
for the device in question, given not only the hardware itself, but
the availability of this edition (numbers of clear cased newtons

Going slighty OT: I got a laserdisc player and a set of disks
recently. That is old technology that can be considered inferior to
DVDs. But I enjoy the size and the entire handling of the disks. The
titles available are nicely done, especially the collectors and
special editions are lovely, with big booklets and boxes. While most
titles are available for a reasonable price that I can even talk about
with my wife, I just learned that there are HD Laserdiscs, too. I
checked several titles, and some of them are offered for $350. This is
quite high considering the fact that you could probably buy a Blueray
disk for $35 maximum. But as I said, IMO this isn't about "being
reasonable" but about being "passionate" instead. This might push ones
personal financial limits. Yes, I'm still thinking... ;-)

That being said, I hope that the buyer feels that the device is worth
it and enjoys it. It surely looks damn good.


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